Sweaters: Lacoste care tips

Washing, drying, ironing: 3 steps, only 1 way to take care of your Lacoste sweater.


Machine wash

A special wash cycle for a special piece. Your Lacoste sweater deserves the attention.

– After wearing your sweater, you don’t have to wash it right away. You might want to air it on a hanger or on a line.

– To be worn the right side out, but your sweater should be cared for inside out.

– No need to handwash. Your sweater can be machine washed with a wool programme at 30ᵒC at the most or cold – even better for the planet.

– Opt for a special liquid detergent for woolens over a powder detergent, following the recommended dose. No need for softener.

– Load your machine reasonably leaving space for your sweater.

– Your pull is in a bright colour? To keep the colour intact, wash it with similar tones.


Dry flat

The secret of a well dried sweater? It’s all about how you leave it to dry.

– Before you do anything else, smooth out your sweater by loosening the knit with a light shake, delicately done.

– Lay it out flat, in the open air. The dryer is no use here.

– The knit of your sweater doesn’t like heat. Keep it out of the sun and away from heat sources. You don’t want to yellow your garments.


Jiggle or iron gently.

Gently smooth out your sweater. It is then ready to be worn. Or to be ironed.


Little tricks

In case it may be of use.

– By hand or with a fabric razor, delicately remove the bobbles from your sweaters.

– Do you have any snagged threads? Whatever you do don’t cut them. It’s better to try to reduce them by pulling the knit around it or trying to pull them through to the other side. All with a delicate touch.

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