Opening Parcels Instruction

To meet the needs and protect the rights of Lacoste Vietnam customers, we have implemented a policy to support viewing and inspecting goods upon delivery.

Lacoste Vietnam encourages customers to film the process of opening the product to ensure that the goods are delivered correctly in terms of type, quantity, and condition, without any damage, defects, or missing items due to transportation or other objective factors. If customers do not provide a video of the product opening process at the time of receipt, it means there are no issues. Lacoste Vietnam reserves the right not to address any complaints from customers after that.

Please refer to the detailed instructions below on how to open and inspect the goods.


Please follow these requirements after conducting co-check with the delivery staff:

  • Customers are only allowed to inspect the external appearance to ensure that the package is intact (Lacoste boxes are not opened, empty, or showing signs of intentional damage…).

  • Please open the protective cover around the Lacoste box.


  • Please open the box along the perforated line on the lid of the Lacoste box.

  • Please compare the quantity and product details with the “Order forms” included in the Lacoste box.
  • Lacoste Vietnam encourages the reuse of Lacoste box, so please keep the entire box, bag, and protective paper for repackaging (if necessary).
  • Please carefully inspect the product to determine if there is any damage, manufacturing defects, or missing accessories.

If you encounter any issues with the product, please return the item to the delivery staff and contact our Customer Service Team for assistance. For further information on packaging and returning items, please refer to the Return Packaging Instructions.

⚠️ Note:

Please refrain from using sharp objects such as box cutters or scissors to avoid damaging the product inside the Lacoste box.

  • Do not open or tear the product packaging.
  • Do not try on the product (do not try on clothes, shoes, etc.)
  • Do not drop, damage, scratch, or get dirt on the product.

If you do not comply with the instructions above, our delivery staff will have the right to refuse to accept a parcel.


In case you are satisfied with the condition of the delivered products and agree to accept them, please sign the agreement. By signing the agreement confirming satisfaction with the delivered product, you acknowledge that the inspection and the purchase have been completed.

⚠️ Note:

  • Please conduct the inspection within a reasonable time frame to allow our delivery staff to continue delivering other orders.
  • If our delivery staff does not agree to your inspection, you have the right to refuse the delivery and contact our Customer Service Team immediately for assistance.
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